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             Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Thoughts about praying today at a local elementary school.

I typically pray with the secretary and then pray with the principal in her office. What an amazing privilege! Then I am granted access to walk and pray through the halls in this urban school before the day officially begins. The teachers typically smile and say hello.

Today I sensed God nudging me to trust Him for 3 teachers who would ask me to pray for specific needs.

Taking the initiative, I walked into a kindergarten class and asked the young teacher what I could pray about for her. Sighing, she responded, “That I make it through the day!” “And peace for my class!”

Turning the corner into the Junior High wing, a lady approached me, saying, “Thank you for praying in our building.” She told me that she attends a local church and her pastor talks about the importance of being in every school. Her words of encouragement about the ministry of Keep Watch bolstered my spirit.

Back in the main hall, I took another deep breath, smiled and entered a third grade classroom. Again, the teacher had a one word prayer request for her class. “Peace.”

Peace vs. chaos. Peace vs. turmoil. Peace vs. disorder. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. So of course I asked Jesus to bring His “peace that surpasses understanding.” How amazing would it be for these teachers to sense a difference today in their classrooms, and know it was Jesus!