Keep Watch Policy for Adults Praying With Children

The board of Keep Watch has adopted the following volunteer policy: Those participating in Keep Watch prayer walks are adults. We do not integrate students/children with our adult volunteers, including infants, toddlers, preschoolers or school-aged students.

To maintain legal integrity

  • According to Alliance Defending Freedom, there is a gray area when students and teachers interact in faith-based activities. “Teachers can allow students to lead prayer, but can’t lead it themselves; they can exchange religious ideas or even have prayer meetings with one another, provided students aren’t present.”

To ensure the accessibility of volunteers

  • Many teachers share prayer requests with our volunteers for themselves or for students. The presence of kids may inhibit these interactions.

To protect the preparation time of teachers

  • Children in the halls could be distracting for teachers as they prepare.
  • Superintendents and principals want to guard their staff’s time and the focus/quiet they need. “We do not want kids in the halls outside of the school day.” -principal

We cannot make exceptions. We love and value children, however cases could be made for exceptions at every school and could be misinterpreted in other schools and/or deteriorate the standard.

Following are some options for volunteers with concerns regarding child care as well as Keep Watch ministry opportunities that can be done as a family:

  • Trade with another parent. One week you watch the kids. The next week you pray.
  • Some schools offer early drop off or breakfast options, providing your child a safe, supervised location during the prayer walk.
  • Pray with your child on the way to school.
  • Pray through the weekly focus as a family.
  • Create a prayer calendar of your child’s classmates and teachers and pray for them daily.
  • Be missional as a family during the Summer Prayer Blitz and Pray & Play opportunities.

Note: The Lord has been raising up groups of JH and HS students who pray together at their schools.

We are thankful for all of our volunteers and their commitment to stand in the gap in our school communities. We appreciate understanding in issues of alignment which will allow the organization to continue to grow with integrity.