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Tiaunna Richardson

Joining A


Tiaunna Richardson

When you join Keep Watch, you join a movement of hundreds of people who are praying for our schools and the hearts of the children and staff, praying to see God change a community.

For so long, my prayers were centered on me and my family: covering my children, covering my church, covering my home. As I began to pray for the students and the entire school, the scope of my prayers really expanded. It changed me. It grew my faith.

When I became a volunteer, I was so grateful for the training and support that Keep Watch provides. All you need is a heart to see God transform your school community. Keep Watch provides the rest.

TIAUNNA: If every student knew that they are loved, how would that change things?

About Volunteering

All Keep Watch volunteers go through a formal process that includes an application and background check.

Please be assured that Acts 2 Toledo/Keep Watch does not have access to confidential information such as social security numbers. All background information is processed by Protect My Ministry (an international organization that specializes in screening volunteers).

Also, we encourage you to review our Age Policy.

If you have questions regarding volunteering, please see the FAQ or feel free to contact us.

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How do I become a Keep Watch volunteer?

We ask that all of our volunteers be certified. This entails attending Keep Watch On Demand Training and completing our online application/background check.

Why should I volunteer to pray in a school, I’m already busy enough?

We believe that your 30 minute/week investment will make an impact not just today, but for many generations to come. There is a battle waging for the hearts of this generation and God is the one who can bring hope, peace, wisdom and new life as we invite Him in to do the work only He can do.

What is a prayer walk?

A Keep Watch prayer walk is a volunteer or group of volunteers praying for a school while walking in or around that school.

How long is a typical prayer walk?

A typical prayer walk is 20-30 minutes. This varies based on the school size and number of volunteers.

How often does a prayer walk take place?

Our prayer walks take place once a week during the school year.

Do I have to use the weekly prayer focus?

The central purpose of Keep Watch is to pray God’s word in our schools. The prayer focus provides an effective way for our volunteers to pray scripture as well as to be united in heart across all of our schools.

Please use the prayer focus as a starting point, but allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you as you pray.

Can I shadow a prayer walk to see what it’s like?

Absolutely! During training, you will view a prayer walk and participate in a practice prayer walk, but we highly recommend shadowing a prayer walk to experience it first-hand.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator to get connected.

Why do I need to be trained? I know how to pray.

Our vision and training events are designed to help you understand and align with the vision of Keep Watch, its history and how God is impacting school communities.

It is really important that everyone on the Keep Watch team is united around the principles and practices of the Keep Watch movement. This helps us to avoid undesirable situations.

It is also important that we are on the same page regarding legalities, do’s and don’ts.

Can my little ones join me on the prayer walk?

Unfortunately, no. Our Keep Watch prayer walks are comprised of adults only. However, we do offer summer prayer opportunities that are great for families – Summer Prayer Blitz and Pray & Play.

Can I pray at more than one school?

Absolutely! If your schedule permits, you are more than welcome to pray at more than one school.

Can I pray in classrooms?

In most schools, we are given permission to pray in the hallways, cafeteria and gym. However, if a teacher invites you to pray in his/her classroom, please do.

Do you assign me to a school or can I choose a school?

We want you to pray at the school that God has impressed upon your heart. If a prayer walk exists, we will get you connected. If a prayer walk needs to be launched, we will help you through the process.

My school/district is resistant to anything Christian. What should I do?

Pray. It may be that this is a season for you to pray in the parking lot. It may be a season for you to pray over the directory of teachers/staff.

Persist in prayer and allow God to move in His timing.

Can I have a list of schools that currently have a KW prayer walk?

We do not publish the list of schools, but you may contact our Volunteer Coordinator to find out if the school that is on your heart has a prayer walk.

Can I use anointing oil as I pray?

You may use oil in a classroom if specifically invited by a teacher to do so. A principal may ask for prayer in their building during the summer and oil could be appropriate in that instance, as well.

However, please be mindful of where you use it and the potential for stains.

We do not use oil during regular, weekly prayer walks.

Can I pray in tongues?

When the group gathers together, we read and pray through the Prayer Focus. We ask that you refrain from praying in tongues during that time so that all volunteers may have understanding and be in one accord.

When you are quietly praying through the halls, you may pray in tongues.

Why do I need to be background checked if no students are involved?

We want the school staff to be comfortable with our volunteers walking through their building.

Students may be on campus. Thus, we choose to go above and beyond the typical requirements in the event that a person with ill intent would seek access to the environment to interact with students.

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