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Bring Hope

To Our Schools

Get equipped. Join the movement.



Get equipped.
Join the movement.

When God does what

only He can do

Today’s school students are carrying many burdens. The challenges teachers and staff face continue to increase. Bullying and safety are very real concerns in virtually every school.

Is there hope for our schools?

There most certainly is. And we believe the key is prayer.

At Keep Watch, you will find resources to equip and mobilize your community to pray in your local schools, with the confident expectation that God will move and bring change.

God is the only true source of hope for our world and only He can bring transformation. As we invite Him to do so through simple, non-intrusive prayer walks, God brings hope to our schools.

The vision for the Keep Watch movement is that our cities and communities are transformed, with our schools at the epicenter of that change.

This is an extraordinary vision and one that only God can bring to pass. Our job is simple: get equipped and join the movement. He will do the rest.

KEEP WATCH: The tools and training you need to be equipped and pray for your school.


What is a prayer walk?

A prayer walk consists of 1 or more people such as teachers, principals, parents, grandparents and pastors who walk through a school each week, praying for the students and school staff. A typical prayer walk lasts 20 to 30 minutes and is held either before or after the school day.

Are children or students involved?

We love children and have created opportunities during the summer for families to pray together at school campuses. However, our volunteers are adults only. We are thrilled, though, that the Lord is raising up groups of students who are praying together.

For more details, see our Volunteer page and our Adult and Children Policy.

Is prayer in schools legal?

Prayer walks are legal as they take place before or after the school day and do not combine adults and students.

What are the qualifications for doing prayer walks?

Potential volunteers complete On Demand Training and an application/background check. Once approved, the volunteer is certified, receives a photo ID lanyard and is prepared to join or start a prayer walk.

Does prayer really make a difference in schools?

The following are benefits that school staff share with us:

  • Positive change in the atmosphere
  • Unity among staff teams
  • Improvement in student focus, learning and behavior
  • Increased academic achievement

Isaiah 55:11 states that God’s word “Will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

Yes, we do see these changes in our schools, but most important is trusting God’s promise to work through His word whether we see changes right away or not.

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There is great significance in praying as one body for a movement of God!

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A Movement of the Community

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