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Week of May 27, 2019

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Thank you for standing in the gap this year in prayer on behalf of students, staff and their families. Since August the Lord has increased our prayer walks from 51 schools to 88! He is faithful to transform hearts and school communities.

Although Keep Watch does not have a final exam, J lets unite our hearts to praise the Lord for some of His attributes that we have focused on throughout the year.

Light                                       Kind Almighty                                

Love                                        Humble                                   Wisdom

Hope                                       Faithful                                   Victorious

Truth                                       Provider                                  Salvation

Healer                                      Mighty Warrior                       Forgiving

Joy                                           Justice                                     Generous

Teacher                                    Peace                                       Life

We have trusted God this year to grow the following attributes in the hearts of students and staff. Praise Him right now for the ways He has accomplished this and pray that He will continue to deepen these qualities in each heart.

Hope                                       Believe truth                           Wisdom

Healing                                    Joy                                           Strength

Faithfulness                             New life                                  Purity

Gratefulness                            Generosity                               Diligence

Unity                                       Learning                                  Humility

Listening ear                           Repentance                             Integrity

Confidence                             Love                                        Salvation

God, as students head into the summer months, we pray for provision and protection. We ask that parents and care givers would create healthy environments and opportunities to learn, explore and develop interests and talents. May students make wise choices in every situation, even if pressured by others to engage in foolish behavior. May they grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

“The fervent prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.” James 1:16

Please check your email over the summer for updates on Summer Blitz (June 17-21), Pray and Play (July) and Return 2019 (August 10th, 1:30 at the Hilton Garden Inn).

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